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E-Commerce Solution and Online Database

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eCommerce Solution
Buying and selling goods and services over the Internet, has completely transformed the way business is conducted. Give your business an opportunity to explore newer markets across the globe, Through e-commerce setup we can help you achieve a seamless online business process which integrate with offline activities.

Content management is particularly important for e-commerce websites. In order for such sites to operate smoothly, people within the business must be able to manage the items which appear for sale via the site. Most 'shop builder' products provide basic facilities of this kind, but since these are very general-purpose applications, this often leads to an unwieldy and inefficient solution. At BIZLINE, however, we build e-commerce applications specifically tailored to our clients' business. You can look at one of the e-commerce sites we have developed at www.thebobbyshop.com

We can provide you all type of ecommerce solutions at affordable rates. Be it B2b, B2c, we are there to help you in every field. We can make shopping cart, online e-stores, integrate payment gateways etc. Helping you so that you can run your shop online and start accepting payments through credit cards.
Database Integration
If you want your site to be more than a corporate brochure, then you are likely to need to integrate the site with a database. Our outstanding expertise in database design, coupled with our advanced techniques for integrating databases with websites mean that we can quickly build you a highly sophisticated website.
BIZLINE Online Database and E-Commerce Solution

  1.     User Management System
  2.     Content Management System
  3.     Online Shop
  4.     Credit Card Processing System
  5.     Jobs Management System
  6.     Online Portal


Our preferred technology platform for interactive websites which need to draw information from external sources are:
         • CGI/Perl, PHP, ASP
         • MS SQL, mySQL
         • VBScript / JavaScript 

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